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wow - strvin4perfect
well i haven't been on for a while. pretty sure its 2007 and the last time i had an entry was like summer of 2006. how screwed up is that? well basically i hit 117.5 like a week ago and i haven't weighed myself in a few days cuz im too nervous. i hate anytime after like 8 am cuz my body looks so sloppy and flabby. i work out almost everyday and have been seriously cutting down on what i eat. I read labels like crazy and have counted calories. i even bought a book on the calorie counts in foods! i carry it with me everywhere. the main meal i eat is breakfast. one of my mom's friends told her this amazing bit of logic: eat like a king at breakfast, a queen (woman who watches her weight and eats politely:doesn't eat much lol) at lunch, and a poor person at dinner. I basically eat sugar and whatever sweets in the morning and then i have cereal or a yogurt or sometimes even both :(! But i only eat the serving size on the box so i measure out a cup of milk or cup of cereal or cup of fruit to make sure i know how many calories i have eaten. I eat a lot of fruit, dairy (all no fat or skim), veggies, and fiber filled foods. Fiber helps you digest food and get rid of it. I eat beans sometimes. surprisingly not high in calories or fat and filled with fiber. It definately fills you up too. well thats all for now.

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